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Two Cents

I have nothing negative to say about the other candidates right now – there’s plenty going around and much more that will surely be said. Instead I’d like to say, simply, why I am supporting Bernie Sanders: He legitimately seems to give a shit. If you get what I mean, you can stop reading nowMore…




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Required Reading

Some of the thoughts that have shaped my own In no real order: Man’s Search for Meaning — Viktor Frankl Foundation Series — Isaac Asimov The Power of One — Bryce Courtenay A Short History of Nearly Everything — Bill Bryson The Hitchhikers Guide Series — Douglas Adams Physics of the Impossible — Michio Kaku Siddhartha — Hermann Hesse What is Zen — Alan Watts The Book — Alan Watts Be Here Now — RamMore…

10 Commandments of HTML Email Development

Email is something most people rarely look forward to, but it’s a necessity of communication. It’s the standard. It’s free, open and offers access to anyone with even the most basic of data connections. As a developer, email has become a necessary evil. Development is slow and tedious. Thankfully, there are ways to speed itMore…


There’s been no greater force for good in my life than books. I can think back to some of the most important events in my life, the turning points in my early youth and all the way to the present, and tell you exactly the book that gave me a new perspective and helped meMore…

I, Introvert

This was a great read for me: Chris Coyier on being an introvert. People that know me through Facebook or most real-life social situations probably wouldn’t think of me as an introvert, but the behaviors he described are definitely me. I like going out every now and then, I like social activities (though sometimes IMore…

Grunt for Email Development

There have been many moments while developing an email in which I stopped to shout into the Heavens “WHY ARE THERE NO EMAIL STANDARDS?!” I mean, ok, there’s like a few, but they’re de facto standards, not something a committee of different client developers and email providers have met to discuss and agree upon. WhatMore…

Greece 2015

Private Parts — A completely serious, not at all joking project to change the privacy policy

At Lookout, the idea that security and privacy are important is shared not just by us engineers, but permeates our entire company culture. This is one of the main reasons why our recently open-sourced project, Private Parts, enjoyed the medley of team members it did. Our legal team pushed the project forward and worked closelyMore…

First Trip Out of The Americas

A Case for Humans

Most humans might agree that humans should go on existing. The individual usually feels strongly that at least they should live, which doesn’t completely spoil the point. But why? What’s so great about humans anyway? Note that I’m not asking what’s good about life, just about us human-people-folk. We see the damage we do toMore…

The Science and Philosophy of Art

In Which I Dust Off My Bachelor’s Degree and Talk About Something I Find Fascinating One of my favorite subjects in college was cognitive psychology. We worked through problems in human perception (See the notes below on two popular ones) and later in biopsychology and psychopharmacology I learned a bit more about how our brainsMore…


Lately I’ve done a lot of thinking and a bit of writing about the critical nature of our culture. Specifically in the worlds of art, design and technology. Creative, risky, and thoughtful works are almost guaranteed to face an onslaught of abuse, most of the time, as soon as the public has any kind ofMore…

Why I Argue

The importance of speaking up, getting involved and not being afraid of a fight Over the past couple of years, I’ve found myself in several lengthy and heated discussions with friends and friends of friends, mostly occurring on Facebook. The longer posting format of Facebook provided a good means to explore ideas and opinions inMore…

Beating a Dead, Papier-Mache Horse

That Time the Anti-Gentrificationist Arts & Crafts Movement Went Too Far Yes, by all means, people, keep beating up a cardboard box and continue being angry with companies providing employment opportunities to people locally and abroad. Be sure to not get pissed at the landlords who booted you to take advantage of an opportunity forMore…

Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like, your, opinion, man.

First, being critical of something isn’t inherently negative. Having an ability to critique something thoughtfully and carefully are certainly very valuable skills to have in any environment. Great thinkers are able to evaluate ideas and the execution of these ideas for flaws which can sometimes push the creator to do better, and often to helpMore…