Beating a Dead, Papier-Mache Horse

That Time the Anti-Gentrificationist Arts & Crafts Movement Went Too Far

Yes, by all means, people, keep beating up a cardboard box and continue being angry with companies providing employment opportunities to people locally and abroad. Be sure to not get pissed at the landlords who booted you to take advantage of an opportunity for more money. And whatever you do, don’t think about getting upset with housing authorities or city government who have failed to get us anywhere near the new housing creation quotas for the last several years.

While you’re at it, you might want to get rid of your iPhone or Android, computer and pretty much anything else that originates from these companies. Don’t Tweet or share on Facebook, they’re the bad guys.

Oh, and Google, ugh, Google specifically. They have the goddamn audacity to pay for a service for their employees which lessens the burden on public transportation and takes workers quality of life into consideration. Less companies should strive to be that way. And our already taxed Muni system should be their only option…or getting in a vehicle and burnin’ some fossil fuels which we know is great for the environment.

Next time, though, why don’t you string up a model of the people inside of the bus, that’s who you’re really pissed at, right? Stop being so indirect, tell everyone how you really feel!

Goddamn techies! With their…technology and…lattes! That’s the only type of person on those shuttles, working at those companies, right? The archetypal nerd, holding a laptop, oblivious and uncaring. Look at those cold, dead eyes being reflected off of their touchscreen as they mind their own business. Chill inducing. I bet that one right there is making an app that searches for families and evicts them. Forget about the many other types of people with careers at these companies and whole other industries that are able to exist because of support that the tech industry provides. People in HR, kitchen workers, lawyers, custodians, finance and accounting, etc, etc…We hate the tech workers, but we’re chicken shit so we made this piñata which also serves as a symbol of the culture we adopted, you know, because we moved to the Mission a few years ago. ¡Viva la re-al estate!

I would love to have a calm, emotionless discussion about this issue. We should be doing better. We should be working together. We should expect more from our leadership. When prosperity strikes, changes in community composition should be welcome and a given. Evictions, fear and anger shouldn’t.

But, right now, seeing that image makes me so angry, why I could just go beat an inanimate object with a stick.