GetFeedback – Template Gallery

We needed a way to show off our product and some of it’s stronger features. A strength of GetFeedback is it’s flexibility and responsiveness to fit any device a user might open a survey on. This design accentuated this feature by showing actual survey templates people could click through and examine while changing the device they were presented in. By clicking on an icon for a desktop, the survey would fill the available space, clicking on the icon for the tablet or the phone would animate a transition to each of those device types.

Users could then click through our different survey types and choose one they wanted to begin with. When a user clicks “USE THIS TEMPLATE”, we pass along the ID of the template to a hidden field in the signup form, launch the modal with the form and invite the user to sign up for an account. The finishing touch is that once the user completes the signup, they are dropped into the survey builder with the template they chose active.