I, Introvert

This was a great read for me:

Chris Coyier on being an introvert.

People that know me through Facebook or most real-life social situations probably wouldn’t think of me as an introvert, but the behaviors he described are definitely me. I like going out every now and then, I like social activities (though sometimes I feel much more awkward than I might come across), but I definitely prefer and need to spend time reading or doing things I find intellectually stimulating…those are the things that I find the most energizing and fulfilling in my day-to-day. Those are the things that fuel my self-confidence and provide meaning. Most of my life it has seemed like my introverted behaviors weren’t as appreciated in the context of our society as when my behaviors were more stereotypically extroverted.

He wrote, “At the risk of a #humblebrag — a question I get fairly often is: “how do you do it all?” “ I’ve been asked something similar many times before. Mostly along the lines of “how do you find time for X?” I never knew exactly how to answer that question because within the context of how I live my life, I don’t separate out “X”. I don’t have to “find” time for it, it’s one of a few things that I choose to spend the lion’s share of my time doing. It’s the other stuff that I sometimes have to “find” time for. Like the quote he cited, “It’s amazing how much you can get done in a day if you just sit and you do it.” That’s it. That’s the “secret”. I sit and do. And I find that enjoyable.

I imagine that what defines an introvert or extrovert is more complex than even what he described. I’m sure personalities slide along the continuum for those two traits as much as they do for most others, but I really did find it very comforting to see something described so closely in line with me. I hope it brings similar assurance to other introverts.